Farfalla shoes, which are the result of highly skilled labourers and their decades-long experience, are entirely made in Chiaravalle, where the company has their workshops.

Farfalla footwear manufacturing involves five steps: designing, cutting, closing, lasting/making and finishing.

The design of the original shoe is then converted into working patterns (this process is known as “pattern development” in technical jargon): slippers’ manufacture starts with the cutting of the sections that would form the shoe upper, an extremely delicate operation that is performed by the precise hand of skilled craftsmen.

In order to guarantee their footwear particular softness and flexibility, Farfalla adopts a technique which allows to assemble the elements that make up each shoe only by stitching, without any gluing: the upper, the insole and the sole are stitched together and, by a small opening on of the heel/toe side, a wedge is inserted into the shoe.

Once any small defects, like creases or wrinkles, have been removed, the finishing process begins. Expert hands apply creams and polishes with an appropriate brush or cloth to give shoes the desired look: a real art made up not only of technical details, but also of sensitivity, passion and know-how.